Colin Duffy (16) gets a ticket to Tokyo

Colin Duffy jump

Colin, a Colorado native, began climbing at age five. His passion for the sport has led him to multiple podiums, including: 2x Youth Lead World Champion, 9x USA National Champion. Outdoors, he continues to explore new crags around his home state and his favorite areas outside Colorado include Red Rocks and Hueco Tanks.

Colin Duffy

Colin Duffy from USA, who never has done a senior IFSC comp, won the Pan-Am Continental Championship in Los Angeles securing him a ticket to the Olympics. The two times Youth World Champion and 155 cm tall was fifth in Speed, second in Bouldering and won the Lead = 10 points. Zach Galla, also from USA was second with 16 points. In the end, what separated them was one try to bonus.

All Top-4 (from USA) in bouldering topped all three boulders. If Duffy would have needed four tries instead of three to get the bonuses, he would have ended with a total score of 20. In the same way, if Galla would have made the bonuses in three tries instead of four he would have med it to Tokyo. From the video at 2.19, we can also see that Galla unfortunately just slipped in the very start on the final boulder.

Furthermore, if Sean Bailey would have not slipped and made the three tops in three tries instead of four, and Duffy need one more try to the zones, he would have been the lucky guy. Complete results.

Another twist from the results is that Duffy made it to Tokyo as he was quicker than Bailey to top out the Lead route!

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