Performance Climbing Coach

Performance Climbing Coach is the brain-child of Tyler Nelson and Steve Bechtel. Over the course of their climbing careers, they noticed a shift from individuals seeking coaching to coaches asking how to assess, manage, plan and program for their athletes. Thus, exposing a significant need in the climbing coach community to standardize coaching. Hence, Performance Climbing Coach.


Belly Full of Bad Berries 8a (5.13b)

There are rare occasions in climbing that allow you to truly dig deep into your energy levels, producing such a fatigue that you almost want to vomit. Once the moves get intense, you usually fall off before it would happen. Off-width climbing, no matter how disgusting it can be, is beautiful that it really lets you climb until you just can’t move… Next episode is more or less uncut ascent Belly Full of Bad Berries, including the commentary. Worth checking out the epic fight.

Different Types of Climbing Anchor

Climbing Anchors from the Bolting Bible

Here is the Climbing Anchor section from the Bolting Bible explaining in detail all the options for how you can configure climbing anchors. Leave us comments or message us about how we can make this section better in the Bolting Bible as we update it every winter.

Another great anchor video by AMGA certified guide

Live life high… safely. All the info is FREE at

Are climbing master points made with a girth hitch or clove hitch REDUNDANT???

Benjamin Schuldt donated some 60cm mammut contact slings made out of dyneema, which is very slippery so when one side breaks of a leg of a climbing anchor when a girth hitch or clove hitch is used it isn’t very redundant. Yann Camus from came up with a combo that might be more redundant. What do you think? Live life high… safely. All the info is FREE at

Eyes Gone Wrong by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Adam Ondra – Bohemian Rhapsody 9a+ / The Hardest Route In Bohemia

Understandably, I just had to return back to Roviště and finish the big project. As you could see in last week’s episode, I got quite close, falling off in the last hard move before the route gets easier, but there is still one more 7C+ boulderproblem guarding the anchor. To make things more dramatic, conditions were not ideal with continuous rain showers throughout the whole day. Check out the epic circumstances while finally making the first ascent of Bohemian Rhapsody, the hardest route in Bohemia.

Credits: Story by ADAM ONDRA

Directed by LACO KORBEL


Archive Stills STANDA MITÁČ


Production JAKUB PÍNA

Executive Producer PAVEL BLAŽEK


The New Deal 5.14 – One of the hardest routes in Joshua Tree gets a second ascent after 22 years.

The New Deal in Joshua Tree National Park is the first 5.14a established by an American.  Scott Cosgrove did the first ascent on Super Bowl Sunday January 31st, 1988 and he suggested the grade of 5.13d.  It took 22 years for the New Deal to see a second ascent.  Alan Moore repeated the New Deal in 2010 and suggested the grade of 5.14a.  Now almost a decade has passed and the route has yet to be climbed successfully again. The New Deal was one of the very first rappel bolted routes in Joshua Tree and marks the beginning of the sport climbing revolution in the California. This did not sit well with Stonemaster legend John Bachar who promptly chopped all the bolts on the route. Cosgrove offered to settle it over a parking lot fist fight but Bachar declined. John Bachar later apologized and gave Cozzy nice bolts to fix the route. The New Deal was a visionary rock climb for its time and still stands as one of the hardest routes in Joshua Tree National Park today.

Glass House Mountains – Mt Ngungun – Climbing 1st Trip

We when with family and friends to celebrate my birthday to the Glass House Mountains. first time there and I love it, nice rock and the weather was really good. After climbing at Kangaroo Point going there feel safer and the bolts close it to each other, not so scary to lead. We did some easy ones but definitely, I want to come back to try some of the hard routes.

Rampage Full Film

The classic American bouldering movie that helped launch the bouldering revolution. Follow Chris Sharma, Obe Carrion, and friends on a two month road trip across the west. Check out the country’s best bouldering areas, and witness first ascents of dozens of now legendary “Sharma Problems.” Features Castle Rock, LakeTahoe, Priest Draw, Black Mountain, The Tramway, Squamish, Humboldt, and The X-Games.