New website and topo for Maltatal in Austria

New website and topo for Maltatal in Austria
Maltatal in Austria

The world-famous bouldering and sport climbing spot Maltatal, in the south of Austria, has a great website now. Climbing guidebook author and main developer Gerhard Schaar has put up in order to inform about the whole area. The website is available in all major languages! The Maltatal belongs to THE main Austrian climbing areas, offering about 400 boulders in four areas, 300 sport climbs, about 100 multi-pitches and also amazing alpine lines.

The first guidebook about the area in 2015 was very successful and has sold out quickly. So Gerhard will publish a new guidebook this fall which will be available in the Vertical Life App as well. The website is part of a tourism initiative which also involves a Facebook site ( and an Instagram account ( #maltatalrocks. Gerhard, the first Maltatal guidebook has long sold out, when will we see the new edition with all the new routes and boulders?

Well, thanks first of all to the climbing community for appreciating our beautiful valley and the climbing here. I as the author and Panico as the publisher were really pleased to realize, how huge the demand for the Maltatal guidebook was. We did not expect that much of a demand and were somehow puzzled the guidebook sold out within 18 months. We wanted to wait a bit now before we upgrade the 1st edition with all the new stuff. The guidebook should be on the market around October I guess. So what can we expect?

The main thing about the new edition is the new bouldering area “Bienenlehrpfad”, with more than 200 new problems from 5a to 8b. In addition to that, there are about 50 new sport climbs and a couple of easier multi-pitches. Finally, there will also be new areas in the guidebook a bit outside of the Maltatal, which make about 150 new sport climbs. We have a beautiful lake just 20 minutes away, the Millstätter See, with two nice areas. Plus another gneiss area located at a beautiful spot called Danielsberg. So the new guidebook will be substantially thicker! What about the platform? What is that all about?

This platform is simply about the touristic development of the climbing sport in our region. Many people are very happy about the development and more climbers visiting our beautiful valley. Only by giving it a touristic dimension in form of all these channels (Facebook, Instagram, web, guidebook), giving it an economical value, can the existing areas be protected and climbing as whole progress here. We would like to invite the climbing community to use the platform so the sport finally gets the attention it deserves by the local government and the tourism board. We are 100% private and rely on climbers staying at our partner hotels and other local partners such as restaurants and small regional shops to be supported.

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